Surveying You


to Serve You Better 



Attention Partners, Visitors and Victory Attendees, we are "Surveying you to Serve You Better!" 

Those who are in our database will receive information within the next week with a link to take our survey! We would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to answer our survey questions as they are vitally important to help us identify areas that need improvement and help us serve you better.  

To take one or both of our survey's please click the links below.

Survey closes Sunday November 19th so please take it today so we can serve you better!



2017 Victory Church Survey

Were asking everyone who attends Victory  to fill  out this survey. All Partners, Serving Partners, and Attenders.



2017 Victory Serving Partner Survey


This survey is only for those Serving Partners at Victory who are serving in a ministry.

Please complete a separate survey for each ministry you serve in.