Facility Maintenance


 Ministry Purpose: To maintain the interior facility in sound physical repair and enhance the aesthetics of its interior space.


Brief Description: The Facility Maintenance Ministry ensures the interior of the building is in good repair and meets the requirements for remaining up to code with the Township. We handle
maintenance and repairs such as: replacing light bulbs, installing fixtures, painting, rearranging and moving furniture, minor electrical and plumbing work, carpentry, and other handymen’s jobs. In addition, we often assist with set-up and break-down for major VICCC events.

The Facility Maintenance Ministry is looking to fill the following positions: General Maintenance Techs, Administrative Assistant (1), and a Elexio Champion. Partners serving in the Facility Maintenance Ministry experience the satisfaction of knowing they have been instrumental in preserving the safety of
our building, for our partners and friends.

“My life and my family have been so very blessed and changed within the walls of Victory. It is my absurd pleasure to make sure that the walls and everything within them are, at the very least, maintained.  Where better to do that than the Facility Maintenance Department of VICCC?!”

Deacon Martin Owens, Director – Facility

For more questions or more information about this ministry e-mail maintenance@victoryinchrist.cc