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 The Mission

The Mission of the Victory Groups’ Ministry is to connect Victory partners and visitors of like mind and passions for the purpose of fostering fellowship, building relationships and promoting spiritual growth through discipleship.

What can you expect at a Victory Group Meeting?

You can expect to find a place where you can share your life passions with others during the good times, the tough times and the times in between, in an intimate setting of 8 to 12 individuals or couples. Groups will start with a 10-minute DVD lesson by Pastors John & Isha based on the current sermon series that is being taught. Then, interactive questions allow the group to discuss how the sermon applies to them. Each group discussion is followed by time of fellowship of similar interests.

Who should participate?

As a church, we strongly encourage everyone who is a partner or regularly attends Victory to join a Victory Group. Church partnership is not a requirement for participation. Visitors and seekers are always welcome. Please see the Victory Group listings for certain group requirements.

Why should I attend a Victory Group?

Victory is growing, but we are committed to grow smaller as we grow larger. We consider Victory Groups to be one of the important ways to experience connection and community at Victory. Through Victory Groups, you are able to learn the names behind the friendly faces you meet on Sundays and Wednesdays and share in your spiritual journey with others, encouraging one another as you live, learn, grow and share your passion together with God.

How Do I Choose A Group?

You may choose to join a group for several different reasons: either a friend invited you, the location works for you, or because of special interest, similar passion or station in life (ex. young-married, entrepreneurs, creative arts, etc.).

Interested in starting a Victory Group?

We are looking to establish groups that share common interests like business owners, empty nesters, sport fans and other creative groups. If you love God and love people, you could be a Victory Group leader or even allow your home to be used by a Victory Group (host-home).  We have created a structure to help you grow and succeed. If you are interested in facilitating or hosting a Victory Group or would just like more information, contact us at or call the church at