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Getting to Know Small Groups

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November 29, 2020

3:00pm – 4:00pm

Category: Small Groups


Greetings Victory Partners & Friends!  The bible says one person chase a thousand enemies away and two people chase ten thousand away. Mathematically, this makes no sense but in the spirit realm, it’s the only way to go! Most people are hesitant about Small Groups UNTIL their first experience, why is that? There is something special about a group of believers coming together to learn more about Jesus. In the process, NEW relationships are built, revelations are had & simply put, lives are changed...ALL from attending a Small Group!

Join the Small Group Ministry at our next Getting to Know Small Groups to learn what small groups are all about on Sunday, November 29nd at 3pm. This will be an interactive experience with our leaders and you will be able to get your questions answered. We will also discuss the steps to become a Small Group Leader. Let’s finish this year strong by taking Dominion, TOGETHER. Register today at & include the type of group you’d like to join or lead. Remember, life is truly better when you are Connected